Skin in the Game

I must admit, I thought this was a sports metaphor. I thought of the line as I was on a treadmill in the gym watching the US women’s soccer team on TV. I thought it was the perfect way to start a post about getting into this new phase of writing-life. No one seems to know where the line originated but it means that to share the benefits, I have to share the risk. Up until now, I have been writing and revising a novel, over and over with feedback from many. My biggest fear was that I would quit. I didn’t want to quit (OK, sometimes I wanted to quit) but really I feared that the writing would be displaced by life and all of its demands. I skipped blogging because I thought it would take away precious writing moments. Thankfully those moments added up and the feedback guided me towards a manuscript that I feel good about sending out into the world. At this stage, that “world” is the agent's inbox. I want the benefits of a writing career but I can’t expect to reap the benefits of the profession without sharing in the risk. So here I go, grateful that I have gotten this far and ready to play the game.