Workshop Survival

Webster describes workshop as “a class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something.” In my case that something is writing and the small group consists of my wonderful OWC classmates. While I found this definition to be accurate, I found the other definition listed to be more comforting and inspiring. 

“a place where things are made or repaired” 

That is the heart of the matter. That is the thing that makes the stretch of putting my raw work in the hands of others, bearable. I came to this class to make something. Am I creating what I set out to create? I came to make something that I was proud of, that others would enjoy. If my work is not doing that, or not doing that yet, can it be repaired?

I survived my first workshop without scars and with a pile of thoughtful questions and inspiring possible directions. The best part of the process was hearing that my story is a story. I have created something. There is more work to do and certainly repairs to be made but the foundation is there. I am comforted to know that others are building, creating and repairing too. I hope that I can help them on their way. Our workshop is more than learning skills. It is a place where stories are made.