Word of the Year

What does my goal look like? What do I need to get there?

It seems like a simple concept but I am easily distracted by my full and wonderful life. Even though I want writing to be my profession, it too often gets pushed aside. In the last 24 hours I have been to three lectures by experts in their fields. Two were about parenting and one was about business planning. All three talked about visualizing the goal. My goal in the executive function workshop given by Sara Ward was to figure out how to help guide my children towards independence (aka getting their clothes and shoes on and getting out the door on time). The second was mindful Jewish parenting with Peg Sandel PhD, there too we talked about visualizing the values that we want for our children and then modeling them so they can see what that value looks like. Today was a last minute choice to join a workshop given my by my favorite time-management guru Megan Flatt. She also encouraged us to distill our goals down to one word, a feeling that we want for the year. Mine was Yirah. It is a Hebrew word for fear but fear mixed with awe, something greater than yourself. Tara Mohr, author of Playing Big, uses it to mean operating in a space bigger than you are used to. I want to be more visible, more vulnerable this year. 

I have other words too. I want to find the flow between my life and my work. I want to be immersed in the writing world, not just the creation side but the business of being a writer as well. My next assignment from all four of my 2016 gurus is to break down the tasks that are needed to reach this goal. My stack of post-it notes is growing higher by the second and I am trying not to get overwhelmed by the number of tasks or even the smaller goals that seem to multiply. I will take control of my plan and when January rolls around again I will have more creative work out in the world.