Novice to Novel

Fiction happened. I started writing a story. It was in the wake of my science and healthcare education and in the midst of trying to get back in to that world while balancing small children at home. I had an idea that I thought could fit nicely into a short story. Just a little writing to get me through the holiday season and then I would get back to the science, but something else happened entirely. I fell in love. It was totally illogical and very unscientific. Of course, love doesn't care about those things. I was flying high, swooning and felt like I would follow this new path anywhere. I discovered, however, that just because I loved this new world of writing did not mean that I was automatically good at it. I was discouraged by the words in front of me. I was a reader I knew they weren't supposed to look like that. I needed help and guidance. 

 My idea for a short story has evolved into the first draft of a novel. I know that this is the relationship that I want and I need to give it attention. I need a whole new set of textbooks and teachers. So this is where I start my blog. I have taken a few steps down the road as a writer and the farther down it I get, the more I find out what I do not know. I hope to use this blog as a place to sort out the twists and turns that I have already encountered and provide a map or encouragement for any others who have found themselves inexplicably in love with writing. I welcome any encouragement for making space for writing and accountability for my story. I want this love to last a lifetime.